Why are we here?

The place to be for secure IT

Our CEO Jason Day founded Technically Robust Contractors Ltd in September 2020 to protect small and medium sized businesses from cyber criminals. This was in light of the huge increase in cyber attacks throughout the year, to be more specific, 46% of all UK businesses were attacked throughout 2020. While our aim is to protect businesses from cyber criminals, we are not just a cyber security company, we are also an IT reseller and IT support provider with various cyber security partners.


In order to protect businesses, we do what other resellers and support providers do not do, accept responsibility for your cyber security and make it our number one priority. This is why you will notice a significant difference in our service when purchasing any service or product from ourselves, every cyber security precaution is taken care of and if we notice an area where you could improve, we will let you know.

Not only did our CEO identify the lack of cyber security protocols in place throughout the industry but he also identified just how many providers were overcharging their clients. This is the reason why many of our services are adaptable so that our clients are only paying for what they need while also paying a fair and affordable price for those services.


Below are a few examples of the technologies which we work with:

  • VMWare

  • Hyper-V

  • Cisco

  • Meraki

  • HP

  • Microsoft

  • Bitdefender