IT Support engineer

Ad-hoc premium

On demand IT support, charged by the hour

We understand that small and medium size businesses don't want to go to the expense of paying an IT professionals salary or even the full price of an IT support contract. This is why here at Technically Robust Contractors, you can rely on our engineers varied skill sets to support you onsite or remotely as and when we are needed. Find the underlying benefits you will receive with this service below:

  • Full onboarding service

  • Documented information of your IT environment for a highly reduced mean time to resolution.

  • Our remote agent installed on your environment for rapid access.

  • Direct access to our support ticketing system.

  • SLA's which are usually reserved for support contracts.

  • Optional extras (Monitoring, Anti-virus etc.)

With the usual ad-hoc service, IT support providers are required to gather information on your IT environment before completing any work, this can sometimes take a few hours to provide and significantly increase the mean time to resolution. Furthermore, you are required to pay tremendous hourly rates even for lower skill requirements and don't instantly get access to an engineer.

With ad-hoc premium, we will treat you as if you have an IT support contract but without the high cost that usually comes with that privelege. All of the information regarding your IT environment will be documented in our secure digital library so our engineers can familiarise themselves with it. You will have access to our support ticketing system where the usual SLA's will apply and you will gain direct access to an engineer.

For the pricing, not only will we adjust the price for the skillset you access meaning you are not overpaying for the easier tasks but, we will also only charge you for the hour which you use.


Before any work is completed we will advise you on whether the task at hand requires Bronze, Silver or Gold level engineers so you know what bill to expect. It is extremely rare that a small business requires a gold level engineer so the majority of your tickets will be Bronze or Silver level. To put that into perspective, if every ticket you raised was at Silver level and you utilised 10 hours of our time in a single month, that would equate to just £497 when including the monthly fee. It is very unlikely that you will utilise 10 hours of a Silver level engineer every month too meaning you don't have to worry about building up the cost.


When onboarded, you will receive a site survey whereby diagrams and documentation will be built on your existing environment and handed over to you, as well as stored for ourselves. As part of your onboarding we will also identify existing and potential future issues regarding security, performance, redundancy and disaster recovery, the site survey is usually charged at £500 but will be included in your small ad-hoc premium one time fee.

One off payment of £150 for onboarding services.

Direct access and documentation storage charge £97/month.

Hourly rates:

Bronze: £25

Silver: £40

Gold: £60

24x7 service available with higher rates