Network security analyst

Network Security Site Survey

How secure is your network?

Cyber attacks are increasing day by day causing a growing concern for network security. Did you know you could be fined up to £18,000,000 for not protecting your customers data? This not only includes protecting the network which the data is stored on but also protecting any other network or device that has access to that same data. Did you know that in 2019, 32% of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack?


Here at Technically Robust Contractors, we understand that not everybody knows how to put preventative measures in place against cyber crime. This is why we have developed a service specifically aimed to review your network so we can advise on what is missing and implement some preventative measures for you.

What else can our site survey do for you?

  • Optimise current configuration for improved performance

  • Identify single points of failure and recommend how to create redundancy throughout your network and infrastructure

  • Identify degraded hardware which is likely to fail

  • Data backup and security review to recommend improvements on your current processes

  • Identify security vulnerabilities

This £500 service is currently free to businesses within 50 miles of Manchester. Any work that does need to be carried out after the site survey will be charged at a 50% hourly discount once you have accepted our offer.