How can Windows virtual desktop (WVD) benefit you?

With full on-site IT solutions becoming more and more uncommon, it is only fitting that Microsoft have designed a virtual desktop solution of their own which is cloud based. This enables any business to have a virtual desktop environment without having a single server on-site, as long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to the virtual desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Why would you choose WVD over an on-site solution?


WVD allows you to have all the necessary elements of an end user IT solution in place for less than half the cost of what you would pay for an on-site solution. If you take into consideration the amount of servers and storage you have to pay for when installing an on-site solution, the costs quickly add up to over £10,000 even for just 20 users, that's if you want it to be redundant.


With WVD you don't have to worry about redundancy and reliability as Microsoft manage all of their hardware so if anything does break, you won't even notice. All of your storage is safe in the cloud but if you want to back all of your files up, the option is there to use and it is cheaper than any on-site backup solution you would pay for.

While the VM's themselves may be reliable, the operating system, applications and OS on those VM's could still become corrupt so Azure site recovery (ASR) is something which we would definitely recommend. ASR allows you to instantly boot another VM in the event that your original VM fails, the new VM will be an exact copy of your previously working VM. With ASR being so quick to create a new replica VM, you can be back online within 10 minutes of a total disaster ocurring. This is something which is not possible with an on-site solution unless you are paying an extensive price for a complex solution that is harder to maintain.


Microsoft have very efficient methods available to you for creating and disabling instances (Virtual Machines) which makes it extremely quick and easy to upscale or downscale your environment. This not only saves you time but also a lot of money as you don't have to pay for a senior level engineer to come and do the work for you, if you are not technical and still require an engineer then you can hire a much cheaper engineer.

With WVD being hosted on Microsoft's cloud, it does not matter whether your offices internet circuit is having issues as all remote users connect directly to the cloud. With an on-site solution such as Citrix or RDS, a poor internet circuit at the office or a high amount of utilisation will cause poor performance and possibly downtime. Again, this would end up costing more money to pay for a faster internet circuit or may even cause you to have to change over to a different internet service provider.


Many businesses question the security of the cloud with Microsoft having a bit of a tumble a few years ago but Microsoft was not at fault here. As the Azure platform is available globally, you must ensure you are taking measures to protect your data. This can easily be acheived by enforcing complex password policies and multi-factor authentication, users that do not take these actions could end up being hacked.

The security of Microsoft's infrastructure and network is something that is taken very seriously by Microsoft themselves. They pay hackers a considerable amount of money to try and break into their network in order to find vulnerabilities. In 2019 for example, Microsoft paid a huge £3.6 million to hackers in order for them to try and break into their network. With this in mind, you can be sure Microsoft are doing everything they can to protect your data and it is probably safer in their cloud than it is on your own network, I say this as they have done more research and testing than you would ever do on your own on-site solution.

Email solution included

Users that connect to WVD must have an Office 365 license of some sort which not only gives them access to all O365 applications but also, access to the O365 email solution. This not only eleviates the need for a complex on-site Exchange server but also the huge amount of storage and maintenance that is involved with Exchange servers, WVD really is an all in one solution!

Windows Virtual Desktop network

Overall review

With WVD reducing your business expense in many ways and offering the same level (if not better) solution, there is really no reason not to adopt the solution. You don't have to pay for Citrix or RDS licensing, no longer have to maintain backups, no longer have to pay for extensive IT support and it can be more secure and reliable than your on-site solution.

Just to put things into perspective, a price example would be that you could pay around £600 a month for 20 users on WVD or £20,000 upwards for an on-site solution that offers the same features.

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